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This 3rd version of our Herbal Salve starts with the arnica/calendula salve base: arnica/calendula infused olive oil, bees wax, and vitamine E to stabilize the base. Then it is infused with 58mg per ounce of pure healing CBD to give it it's deep healing effect. The difference is in the cayenne pepper to help it penetrate deep into achy joints that might not respond as quickly to the other herbal formulations we carry. You can use it for muscle aches and pains, for skin rashes and bruises, and especially for those achy joints. Use topically and apply as often as you need. This product has no psycho-active ingredients and will not turn up on any UA test. Remember that Cayenne Pepper is an active ingredient so keep away from mucus membranes and those sensitive areas that you wouldn't want a pepper burn happening to!

Herbal Salve Arthritis Blend