In the hopes of helping everyone stay healthy...

We have implemented enhanced sanitation efforts and have an ample supply of hand sanitizer. We will continue this elevated attention to sanitation for as long as necessary.​


​We are currently on "Telephone Standby" and only 5 minutes away. So if you wish to come in and purchase some essential items, or are ready to come in and pick up your online order, then give us a call and we will be right there.


For Retail Customers:

Please stay home if you are actively sick. Please feel free to order online at and we can ship to your home next day, or you can have someone come pick up your purchase for you.


For All:

If you have been potentially exposed, (recently been in an airport, on a plane ride, or been on a cruise), then please allow yourself 14 days to resume your normal schedule.


This Flu Policy will remain in effect until the Corona Virus is under control.


Thank you for your understanding.



Individual Consultation

One on one personal consultation with Debbi. This is a very enlightening consultation where an in-depth intake of information and sharing of experience can shed light on potential root causes and possible common sense solutions. Your fee will also include a discounted customized blend that you can take with you to start your road to recovery.


A blended session of relaxation massage, Reiki and applied aromatherapy to give you an out-of-this-world stress busting experience. A 10 to 15 minute re-introduction to this world is advised!

Public Speaking

We provide several different mini-workshops designed for public engagements. If you have a business where your staff would benefit from one of Debbi's speaking events feel free to call and we can give you further guidance on subject matter and cost.


All workshops will be held on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 1pm

Cost is $40 unless otherwise indicated


3/14/20    Grand Re-Opening Special

Making Hydrosols Demonstration. We will have a day long open house and will be making hydrosols right here at the shop from 1pm to 4pm! What are Hydrosols? During the distillation process of making essential oils there are liquid byproducts. The essential oil is skimmed off the top of the distillation process and the remainder is the steam that was used to push out the essence of the plant. This water has the properties of the plant material but in a less intense form. Perfect for use on infants, pets and the elderly. Everyone will receive a sample to take home and use any way you like. So come on over and learn more about the many uses of hydrosols and even how to make it yourself!

This is a FREE workshop

4/11/20     Sanitation using essential oils

A workshop to address sanitation concerns that have been brought up using a commonsense approach and essential oils for your cleaning products. We can offer clarification about the use of essential oils, what is safe, what is effective, what will work and what is unnecessary. We will also show you how to make a very effective natural cleanser to sanitize around the house and workplace as well as making your own hand sanitizer.Your 2 take home products: General Purpose Cleaning Spray & Hand Sanitizer.

5/9/20      Controlling Allergies and Pests with Aromatherapy

We all experience the craziness that comes with the changes of the seasons. Bugs come out of their hiding places, and those incessant allergies never seem to quit. Learn tried and true ways to use essential oils to combat seasonal allergies and pests in this 3 hour workshop. We will be making an effective allergy inhaler & formulating a bug repelling spray.

6/16/20  PS... Men and Dads have Skin & Hair that need Care too Workshop

With Fathers Day coming up, now is the perfect time to think about how essential oils can be used for the men in our lives. You can impress your hunny, your dad, grandad or even your almost grown son! In this workshop we will concentrate on making a scrub and soothing hand moisturizer.

7/11/20    Summertime "Sunburn Days" Skin Care

If staying out of the sun is a non-player in your life... or you happen to be coming out of your ogre cave and don't know what that bright thing in the sky is then this workshop is for you! In this 3 hour workshop you will learn how to make an effective sunscreen and skin soothing moisturizing spray.

8/8/20     Aromatherapy for Women's Health

Learn how to use essential oils to manage some of the most common issues women deal with. We will discuss ways to deal with stress, insomnia, hormonal balance, PMS and menopausal symptoms using essential oils & hydrosols. In this 3 hour workshop we will be making a stress relieving essential oil blend as well as a hydrosol spray to help with sleep.

9/12/20    Supporting a Healthy Immune System

Guess who just started school and is bringing home every bug know to mankind... the kids just started school! Learn how to make immune supporting blends in this 3 hour workshop. We will learn the important role essential oils can play in keeping ourselves and our loved ones healthy during cold & Flu season. We will also discuss oils to have on hand and how to use them to fortify the first aid kit.

10/10/20    Lip Balms & Body Butters

Yup, the end of fall and the beginning of winter are starting to merge. As we head into colder and drier days, being able to make your own lip balms & body butters just might make you very popular with your friends and family! In this 3 hour workshop you will have hands on experience making these luxurious products yourself.

11/14/20    Stress Management using Essential Oils

Stress is a common household word these days but with the holidays already upon us stress levels can rise to almost unmanageable levels. In this 3 hour workshop we will discuss effective stress relieving tools and make two wonderful blends to help us make it through the crazy days ahead.

12/12/20    8th Annual Christmas Workshop & Cookie Exchange

9am to 5pm

Come and enjoy yourself at our 8th annual Christmas Workshop. We will have plenty of projects to choose from, a decorating room, complimentary chair massage and a cookie exchange. Celebrate with us and make some fun gifts for those special people in your life. Our menu will be published in November so you can start planning ahead. We also consider requests. There will be several projects to choose from so you can make as many of them as you wish, or all of them!

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